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House Slytherin

If you have found your way here, then you have become one of the elite.

Welcome to the Slytherin Common Room for hogwartsch. As it stands, this community is friends only. If you have been sorted into this noble House, please be patient and one of the prefects will contact you shortly.

Once access is granted, you will be afforded all the privileges a true Slytherin deserves.
HP-Slytherin snake

An F.A.Q for new Slytherins


Q: What are the various Hogwarts Challenge communities, and what are they for?
A1: hogwarts_ch is the sorting community.
A2: hogwartsch is the main community for general chat, questions, etc.
A3: hgchbackstage is the staff offices and the inboxes of all the Prefects, Co-Pefects and Headmistress.
A4: hgch_greathall is the place where seasonal activities will take place.
A5: A7: Each of the other Houses have their own house communities as well, which can be found at hogwarts_ch's userinfo.

Q: What is the Dorm Hall website?
A: The Dorm Hall website is not active at this time. It will be updated when our Hiuse number grow. It is a visual representation of your dorm rooms. Five people to a dorm, and they will be sorted as they come in.

Q: How can I earn points?
A1: The fastest way to earn points is to sort people. You get one point by default, but if the Prefect who is tallying up the points for that application thinks your answer was particularly well thought out and lengthy, they'll award two. You must include your House in your vote post. If you forget your Slytherin signature, but have a House icon, then you will receive half a point. Which is only half as good as a whole point, so do not forget your signature.
A2: Join contests! Each entry receives a set amount of points depending on the competition type, and the winners get a great many points.
A3: Do something incredibly nice and helpful, and perhaps the Prefects/Mods will award you points.
A4: Refer your friends! Each referral gets 5 points.

Q: What should I do once I am sorted into Slytherin?
A1: Introduce yourself! When the House community first opened up, we had a survey going around. A new one has surfaced below in the comment box. If you've the time and inclination, copy it and place it in a post in the our Common Room.
A2: You really ought to get a House pride icon to sport every now and then. Not really required, but it is kinda nice when I see a bunch of Slytherin icons as I'm sorting. There's an icon index posted in the community memories.
A3: Start participating! Join contests, sort your butt off, and reply to other members' posts.

Q: Can we roleplay here?
A: No. You can, however, roleplay over at our new roleplay board. Read all of this for more information.

Q: What does Scientia non est potentia, quae prologum potentia solidum est mean?
A: It is Latin and translates as: Knowledge is not power, but the prelude to power.

Anything else I should add? Comment, and your questions shall be answered!