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A House Apart

Scientia non est potentia, quae prologum potentia solidum est.

Hogwarts Challenge - Slytherin Common Room
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Being Slytherin is more than mere ambition:
We are intelligence -
We love and we hate with equal passion -
We know that we are elite -
We are cunning; we are prideful -
We are not all kind, but we are always great -
We are power at full potential -
and we firmly believe that
the end always justifies the means.


This is the Slytherin House common room for the Hogwarts Challenge (hogwartsch) community. If you have a wish to be sorted, please visit hogwarts_ch to post an application. 'Tis a very large, very worthwhile thing to be apart of.

For obvious reasons, this community is Slytherins only. If you were sorted into our noble House, please be patient. The Slytherin Prefects will get around to sending you an invite as soon as they can verify you are, officially, a Slytherin.

Newly sorted Slytherins might want to check out our helpful F.A.Q.

Slytherin Prefect:
Slytherin Co-Prefect:

Slytherin Members:
caustic_core, darkravenette, geeksicle, graysen, maggiesox, slytherinblack and we're looking for you!

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Please be advised that if you are under the age of 14 you must seek parental permission. If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed on LiveJournal.

Hogwarts_ch and it's co-communities are not meant for a younger audience. Please restrict your child from viewing inappropriate material for them.

Thank you - The Hogwarts_ch Administration